Monday, November 23, 2015

A change of pace

My buddy Ben and I have been trying to get a workout on the books for months. We couldn't be more opposite on our exercise habits. Ben is a former swimmer, who now goes for weight lifting and yoga. I almost exclusively run. We agreed to try a morning trail run because Ben also likes hiking. Point for me.

For those local to DC, we ran down a trail between Mass. Ave and Wisconsin Ave in Tenleytown and caught the Glover Archbold Trail towards Georgetown. The terrain was rocky but runnable with a pretty steady decline towards the river. We ran slow enough to talk, but quick enough to feel a workout. The run served two purposes; catching up and exercising. Once we were done with the trails we walked back home.

Recently, I've started running with people and really enjoy it. This was my first run together with Ben since his first marathon and by all accounts it was a good experience. What I didn’t tell you about Ben is that he went through the trouble of training and running a marathon just to say he did it. Ben’s had a rocky relationship with running (get it). We ran at a slower pace than usual but sometimes a change of pace is good.

I asked Ben what he thought of and he had this to say: “My first time trail running and it's a lot more fun than running on the road. Especially with fellow Clydesdale Matt Wells. Highlight was probably the half eaten deer we had to jump over. Or cava.”

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